Sunday, April 7, 2013

C4K Summary for March

 Saturday March 2, 2013 - C4K #4
 The student's blog I was assigned to comment on was Brandi in Ms. Vannoy's first grade class. Jacey- Blair, an EDM 310 Lab Assistant, is a student teacher for this class. Brandi's latest blog post was posted on Feb. 25. Her blog post said the following: 1.I      love      vannnoy.      2.   she     is     the      best.        3.       she           is       the        sweetest.     4.   I          love       her     so      much. 
  I commented that it is great she has a teacher who she loves. Learning is always easier when you have a connection with the teacher.

Sunday March 10, 2013 C4k #5

The student's blog I was assigned to comment on was Ryan in Carol Mclaughlin's second grade class in Birmingham.  The link their class blog is Miss Mac's Outstanding Owls. Ryan described a special birthday surprise. The surprise was a trip to the American Girl Doll store. This was Ryan's post: I went to the American girl doll store for my birthday.It was a surprise . I thought  me and my cousin Abby were going shopping . We were  going shopping at the American girl doll store.
I commented that it sounded like the trip was a special birthday surprise. I told Ryan that the American Girl Dolls can be a special treasure. I also told Ryan that I collected American Girl dolls myself when I was younger, and I have now passed them on to my niece.

C4k #6 March 24, 2013
 Nick S.  is in Mr. Seyfert's 6th grade class in Waukesha, WI. His post was about how he would like to hang out with Alex Rider because he thinks he is a cool spy. Nick also wrote about how those who have met Alex have said he is handsome.

I commented that I see that he must like adventures since he likes the fact Alex is a spy. I told Nick I am an adventurous person myself. I mentioned it's always exciting to go through new experiences and learn new things. I asked him if he would like to be a spy? 

C4k #7 Rachel in Ms. Lentine's class - March 31, 2013
Rachel is in Ms. Lentine's class. Her post is a letter written to Tracy and Larry who visited her school. They are dancers with empowering stories intended to make a difference. Rachel talks about how she really enjoyed their show and listening to their stories. She was surprised to learn about what it's like for those who can't communicate. She commended them for bringing light to people who can't communicate but still have a lot to say. She wanted to know how they met.

I commented that I enjoyed reading her post. I told her how it's always a great feeling to find someone who is a true inspiration. I also told her I would also be interested in how they met. I asked Rachel  what was her favorite part of their visit was.

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