Sunday, April 7, 2013

Blog Post # 11


Ms. Cassidy's approach to technology is quite the eye opening experience. It's surprising to see these children diving head first into the world of technology at such a young age. When I was their age we were just getting excited about the opportunity to finger paint, but students today can even paint on an electronic canvas such as on a computer and/or on a Smart Board. As these students start using technology early on, they will be able to go to great lengths as they grow. I think the signed permission slip is a great idea because it gets the parents involved.

Blogging was pretty pointless to me at first, but EDM 310 has broadened my viewpoint on blogging. Blogging is a unique way to connect with and meet people whom you can learn from that you may have never discovered without blogging. It allows you the opportunity to read about and comment on the opinions of others, both near and far. Blogging allows you to see things at all different angles, and it essentially eliminates "tunnel vision." Blogging is also a way to record reflections on experiences as we saw with Mr. Spencer.

Some people will remain stubborn and simply refuse to accept the world of technology and it's effectiveness. The truth is that technology can open so many doors that would normally go undiscovered. Technology allows students to learn new ideas in new ways. Technology is the new way of learning. We are all going to look at any one thing in a different way. Some will see the glass half full, while others will see the glass half empty. Technology allows us to gain access to all these viewpoints and compare them with our own. Educating is about making a difference, even if it may just be the slightest difference.

Ms. Cassidy points out that the only way to be successful in the use of technology is to find something that works for you and your classroom. The same thing is not going to work for everybody, but we must each find our own path on which to travel. As educators, we must be successful with technology in order to teach our students to be successful with technology.

Blogging, Facebook, and other social networking sites allow conversations to develop which we can learn from. Twitter, on the other hand, has its limits as it has a 140 character limit. Although Twitter can be used to express a short thought or simply a Thank You.


  1. "Some people will remain stubborn and simply refuse to accept the world of technology and it's effectiveness." They won't be educators! At least not in any truly effective educational arena!

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