Thursday, May 2, 2013

C4k Summary April

C4K #8
On Tuesday, April 2nd we went and saw a man named Philip Gans. Philip survived the Holocaust and he was in Auschwitz 3.
The Holocaust was so terrible about 11,000,000 people total died. Philip was 15 years old when the Holocaust started and he is now 85 years old.
You will probably never see a Holocaust survivor in your life, but if you have, please share their name with me.
My comment:
 I enjoyed reading about your experience when you went to see Philip. It is unique to meet someone who was there during particular moments in history, especially the Holocaust. I can’t say that I have ever seen a Holocaust survivor in person, but I remember watching videos of accounts from Holocaust survivors in school. What did Philip share with you? Were you surprised?

Dazmy C. April 14, 2013 Mrs. Geldes 4th grade class in Nebraska C4K #9
Nebraska is a beautiful landscape filled with amazing creatures and life. For example there are deer,badgers,coyotes,bobcats,prairie dogs,otters,beavers,rabbits,skunks,and squirrels all live hear in the woods,water and open land. My favorites are the bobcats & rabbits what’s some of your favorites.
Nebraskan team is the huskers. One of my favorite things in Nebraska is there zoo the Henry Doorly zoo it has lots of animals and the have peacocks running lose. And there dome thats like a desert.
Our motto is “Equality before the law”. Our state tree is the cottonwood wich in the summer it blooms cotton but not the kind that we use for clothing,the state bird is the western meadowlark its a bright yellow songbird with a black v on its chest 5 other states have this bird as there state bird can you gease what they are is it your state bird? The state flower s the goldenrod it con be found near the roads,the state beverage is milk and our state soft drink is kool-aid and what’s cool about it is that not to many states have a soft drink. We don’t grow to many things but what we do grow boy do we grow a lot of it. We are the leading makers or corn. We also grow lots of soybeans ans wheat and in the the summer it smells because the cows stink a lot.
So where ever you live in the world I’m shere it’s really pretty so tell me about your state.
My comment:
 I really enjoyed reading about Nebraska. I’ve always wanted to travel out West. It’s interesting how the state beverage is milk and the state soft-drink is kool-aid. I never knew there was more to states other than the state bird and state flower. Great post!

19 April 2013 Jayden in 4th grade at Leopard Primary School in Victoria, Austrailia in Mrs. Kathleen Morris and Miss Kelly Jordan's class
Easter Holiday
Today I am going to share some work with  you that I did in class.The work that I am going to share with you is a recount about my Easter holiday.I hope you like it.
 At the moment my focus is to get better at doing paragraphs

My Holiday

On Good Friday I had to go to the Leopold Easter egg hunt. Because my mum had to help out  there. I got half a bag of Easter eggs from the Easter eggs in the hay. I saw Luke there .I did a lot of thing with him. It was so fun.
The day after Good Friday we went camping at the back of Stieglitz’s . I had my own tent so did my brother, my mum had a three room tent . My brother had to sleep in there for a night because his tent had a leak. There was creek behind us when I went to bed all I could hear was water from the creek . There was a camp fire already set up there and a shelter set up it was a lot of fun.

My comment:

I enjoyed reading about your eventful Easter holiday. Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I can’t say I’ve ever been camping, but your post makes it sound like a fun activity.

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