Saturday, March 2, 2013

C4K Summary for Feb.


Sun. Feb. 10, 2013 C4K #1 
   The student's name I was assigned is Maria Vargas. In her blog post from Feb. 6th, 2013,she wrote an alternate ending to The Giver. The following is what she wrote: "I think that Jonas and Grabiel are going to stop sliding when they reach a fence of a house. The owner of the house, Daniel, is going to see them. Daniel will see that they are sick, and he will call the doctor to help them. The Giver from that community is going to go and visit them. The days pass and Jonas and Grabiel are better. Jonas and Gabe are going to go the Giver’s house and talk to Him. The Giver wants to find out why they ran away from their community. Jonas will explain the reason of their escape. Jonas will ask the Giver not to call his community. People from their community will come and get him and Gabe. The Giver will let them live there. Now Jonas and Gabe are still living in that community."
   In my comment I identified myself as a University of South Alabama student in EDM 310. I said she was quite creative with her version of the ending to The Giver. I told her I can tell she likes to use her imagination. I said I had also read The Giver in the 8th grade. I ended my comment by asking her if she likes creative writing.

Sat. Feb 16, 2013 C4K#2

   The student's name I was assigned is Aaliyah on Ms. Muhammad's 4th grade class blog. Aaliyah's latest post was on Dec. 21st, 2012 entitled "My Rock star Book" where she said the following:Hi my name is Aaliyah I am going to tell you about my book. My book is called Dear Dumb Diary. This story is about how a girl has to partner up with her worst friend name  Mary. Jamie think that she will get popular because Mary is popular. When they had to do the project Mary  said ”if you  do all the work I will make you popular” Jamie said YES! When it was time for them to respond to the class Mary said so loud ”Jamie made me do all the work”. they were ague and Jamie forgot she took some photos and then Mary got in trouble and no longer popular. Do you like my rock star book?
  In my comment, I identified myself. I answered her question by saying that yes I did like her rock star book. I told her she described her book very well, and although I've never read Dear Dumb Diary she made it sound like an interesting book to read.

Sun. Feb. 24, 2013 C4K #3

   The student's name I was assigned is Rowana. She attends Pt England School in Auckland, NZ. She is a student in Miss Lavakula's class. Her latest post was a movie made by her and her classmates. Her post was posted on Monday Feb. 25, 2013. This is because they are a day ahead of us.Each student introduced themselves by stating their name and either their favorite subject or sport. 
   I left a comment identifying myself. I told her I enjoyed learning about her and her classmates and their interests. I also mentioned how I liked how they all did the Harlem Shake at the end of the movie. I thought it was neat to see a connection between what is trending here in the U.S. and Auckland, NZ.

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