Sunday, February 24, 2013

Project # 10

The tool I found is called This is a web search engine for students and researchers that aims to make academic information easily accessible to everyone. This search engine searches more than one billion documents including web pages, books, encyclopedias, journals, and newspapers. Refseek has a unique approach that offers students comprehensive subject coverage without the information overload of a general seach engine such as Google or Yahoo. This increases the visibility of academic information and compelling ideas often lost among the sponsored links and commercial results. Refseek even allows you to save documents that are found in your search. I would use this tool to help narrow down my search to just the useful information. I like how this search engine cuts out the advertisements and just gives you what you are looking for. Refseek would make completing a research paper much easier because it narrows down the results of your search to information actually relevant to your topic. Refseek also makes it easier to have access to all your sources when you begin your works cited page by allowing you to save documents. I chose this tool because I know as a future educator it will be my responsibility to teach students how to find accurate information. This search engine will be helpful in doing so.

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